Light Therapy For Neuropathy

How Light Therapy Helps with Neuropathy Pain

Light Therapy For Neuropathy Pain

Neuropathy isn’t something that can be ignored. Marked by damage to an autonomic, motor or sensory nerve (those nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord), it results in constant pain and agony for those it affects. Sadly, few truly effective treatments exist. Most require dangerous (and expensive) pills and injections, and even then, they only provide a minor amount of relief. Fortunately, state-of-the-art LED light therapy for neuropathy provides an effective alternative.

Rather than using unnatural treatments like drugs and injections, in light therapy for neuropathypatients are instead exposed to minor amounts of infrared lights, which stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. This decreases inflammation, improves circulation and significantly lowers neuropathy pain in the patient – matter where it’s located.

In fact, a 2010 study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management found light therapy to be extremely effective in treating neuropathies. Treated patients saw a 28 to 34 percent reduction in pain levels.

Low level laser therapy can also be highly effective in treating neuropathy pain. When applied to the damaged nerve cells, it stimulates the mitochondria and helps increase the cell’s respiratory rate. This ensures proper oxygen and blood flow in the area and keeps the nerves from sending pain signals up to the brain. As a result, the patient’s overall pain levels are reduced.

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  • Neuropathy is often seen in diabetic patients, and it can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, and an inability to feel heat, cold and other sensations
  • In a recent study, doctors found that light therapy offers neuropathy patients significant improvements in their condition. Statistics showed that after treatment, they have lower pain quality scores, increased sensations in pain-affected areas, and improved social function and mental health scores.
  • More than 20 million people suffer from neuropathy of some form. While most modern treatments only mask the pain and other symptoms, laser and light therapy offer an alternative, one that triggers the body’s innate healing abilities.
  • Most treatments for neuropathy are ineffective, and they typically require strong prescription medications to control the pain. Laser and light therapies offer a more natural, healthier treatment approach.
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