Light Therapy For Elbow Pain

How Light Therapy Helps with Elbow Pain

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How Light Therapy Can Improve Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is more common than you might think, especially in athletes like golfers, tennis players and baseball players. The elbow joint gets a lot of use in these types of sports, as well as in everyday life. Unfortunately, elbow pain doesn’t just affect one’s athletic performance; chronic joint pain can also make daily activities difficult or sometimes even impossible. Traditionally, however, the only treatments available were either invasive surgery or ineffective (and addictive) pain medications.

LED light therapy and low level laser therapy offer two effective alternatives to these old-hat methods. Both work to trigger the body’s innate healing mechanisms, giving it the tools it needs to reduce pain and repair the injured elbow on its own. In light therapy for elbow pain, red, blue and infrared light is applied to the elbow area, which stimulates the release of nitric oxide. This allows blood vessels to expand, take in more oxygen and reduce the pain signals going toward the brain.  It also reduces overall inflammation, increases circulation and promotes faster healing.

LLLT treats the elbow with state-of-the-art laser technology. The beams penetrate deep layers of the skin, stimulating endorphin production and alleviating elbow pain almost immediately in some cases. Patients have reported as much as a 75-percent drop in pain levels after just one session. To learn more about LLLT or LED light therapy and how they can improve your elbow pain, contact Wellness Tech Solutions today.




  • Elbow pain is often caused by overuse, stress or strained muscles and tendons.
  • Traditional treatments, like surgery and pain medication, are expensive, painful and often ineffective. LLLT and light therapy offer less invasive, safer options for treating elbow pain.
  • Elbow problems are common in golfers and tennis players. Overuse and stress on the region leads to irritation, muscle pain and more. These are sometimes referred to “golfer’s elbow” or “tennis elbow.”
  • In addition to alleviating elbow pain, light therapy has also been shown to reduce stress, promote relaxation and accelerate the body’s healing processes.
  • Laser and light therapy can also reduce pain in other areas around the elbow, including the arms, shoulders and hands.
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