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LED Light Therapy

Does LED light therapy work? Read on and learn more about light therapy below.

What does LASER stand for?
LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

How does laser light differ from “normal” light?
Light emitted from a laser diode is monochromatic (having only one wavelength), parallel and coherent (having waves with similar direction, amplitude, and phase). These qualities make laser light much more valuable for therapeutic benefits.

Are soft lasers SAFE?
Industry has been using laser diodes for years in such applications as bar code check outs, CD players, laser printers and pointers. The FDA has listed bio-stimulation lasers as non-significant risk (NSR) devices. Soft lasers sold by 2035, Inc. have received UL approval for safety.

How do soft lasers work?
Pain results from trauma and/or cellular disruption, malfunction, or less than optimal cellular function. Healing and pain relief come with cellular normalization. Photons enable cells to perform optimally by stimulating them to initiate bio-chemical reactions which produce enzymes and ATP (usable energy).

Where can soft laser therapy be used?
Soft laser therapy may be used any place there is acute or chronic pain or inflammation, and, soft laser therapy may be effective on any disease or disorder. Users have reported successes when using soft laser therapy on:
Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Whiplash
Headaches, Back & Shoulder Pain, TMD/TMJ, Burns & Cuts
Sinusitis, Sprains, Colds & Cold Sores, Age Spots

Have soft lasers been scientifically studied and proven?
Soft lasers have been used world-wide for nearly 30 years. Over 2500 studies have shown that soft lasers:

  • REDUCE PAIN by stimulating cells to produce their own endorphins, a natural pain killer
  • PROMOTE FASTER HEALING by stimulating cells to increase the production of two major healing enzymes by as much as 75%
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION by as much as 75%
  • INCREASE BONE REPAIR SPEED by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation
  • RELAX MUSCLES and muscle spasms
  • DECREASE SWELLING by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • ENHANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM by increasing the number of “killer” cells by 400-900%, and most importantly
  • RE-ENERGIZE CELL MEMBRANES to allow transport of essential nutrients across cell walls (nutrients will not cross an injured or sick cell wall, thus slowing healing) allowing a healthy new cell to grow.

How much do soft lasers cost?
We have seen soft lasers advertised for anywhere from $190 up to $30,000.

Does a higher price always mean a better soft laser?
Not always. A VERY LOW price usually means that the product contains only inexpensive LED’s, and no true lasers – and while “LED only” products may provide some benefit, they are not a good as a product with both LED’s and true lasers. It is also not necessary to pay VERY HIGH PRICES (over $5,000) for an individual soft laser unit.

What features should I look for in a quality soft laser?

  • A unit with both true Laser and LED diodes.
  • Lasers that are designed to both Harmonize and Resonate with the body’s natural energy.
  • The unit should be able to consistently control power output (more is not better) via a Computer-Controlled,
  • Rechargeable Power System.
  • The laser should be able to produce Multiple Energy Levels and Multiple Wave Lengths.
  • All laser diodes should be Polarized so as to energize the greatest number of cells.
  • The laser energy should be Pulsed to encompass all frequencies in the brain.
  • Programmability – the unit should be able to be reprogrammed as successful new frequencies as discovered.
  • The unit should be Small & Convenient and not require plug ins or adaptors.
  • Finally, the unit should be Reasonably Priced.

What soft laser(s) meet all these requirements?
The only lasers that we are familiar with that meet ALL the requirements listed above is the Q-Series Multi Frequency Resonating Laser