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I am a science teacher/researcher and classified as an early adopter of technology. So I was quick to investigate the research and science behind the claims of chronic pain management. I found the QLaser and the Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to be well worth my own investigation and so began a process of collaborative research.

Early on, before any research was started, I fell…I fell hard…I fell very hard doing the splits surrounding my dryer. I tore a portion of my hamstring away at its insertion point (seat). EMS gave me IV pain meds…did no good…ER gave me more….did no good…I hurt so bad that they could not take an X-Ray until I stopped shaking from crying because the pain was so bad. Morphine, 

Methadone…and who knows what else eventually gave me capacity to not cry….

I called QLaser Solutions of Stone Oak owner and research partner Winston Crump after a week of pain and asked him for the demo unit.

At that time I was still being given IV morphine to just stand and move my leg. I used the QLaser three times that first night on three areas (only 3 minutes each area each time). I used it again in the morning— and could stand without morphine. In addition, I could move through the Physical Therapy exercises without significant pain that next day and was totally without pain by day two, I was still on pain meds but using less and less and going longer and longer between doses.

The bruise on my “seat” that was as big as a dinner plate and black was gone by day three. After four days of QLaser treatment I was released and sent home, not to a rehab facility as was the original plan. However, I was sent home with significant number of methadone for multiple doses per day as pain was anticipated to be “significant for three to six months” (Dr. Veurink). I used only 4 or 5 pills as I chose to wean off quickly and I did not need the med anyway.

I have not had pain since…my leg was weak and needed rehab which went well without added pain. I used the QLaser every day for first month every other day next month and periodically now.

I was scheduled for an MRI the day after I fell for a torn rotator cuff…which obviously was delayed. I also had significant numbness due to a left hand carpel tunnel I had refused surgery. Soooo since I had the QLaser with me I applied it to these other injuries. My hand is fine, just a bit of numbness at the tip of one finger and still improving….my rotator cuff has cleared up unless I carry, pull, push heavy objects…then it clears up again with a few applications.

Other folks have similar stories…and so my informal research is over and I just want to put this device into the hands of all who hurt…especially our, elders and children and wounded soldiers.

I am without pain and off all pain meds not even Advil…my doc said he expected the pain to be significant for 3 to 6 months… he actually told me Thursday he expected to see me in a wheel chair..,

I am carrying my cane…only because they said I should…I am driving, …..the bruise was gone after two days of treatments.  I am back at work (actually I went to work the day after leaving the hospital)…what a gift this QLaser could be for folks…

Marcie Denton

Marci Marye Denton M.A., M. Ed.
QLaser Consultant

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